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Improving the service

Adria kombi is trying to improve its service to the clients all the time. The only right way to for improvement is the control over the suppliers and collaborators. The recent movements toward a better service at the Rolling Motorway is the Monitoring process over the railway companies. Together with the Austrian Ökombi we try to monitor all supplier's processes in order to show them any irregularities that may occure during the transportation. This is the non-conflict way of problem solving in an long-term bussines relationship.

Dredging in Port Koper in full swing PDF Yazdır e-Posta
Operations tarafından yazıldı   
Salı, 29 Temmuz 2014 11:08
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according to information from Port Koper the dredging down to -14m is in its full swing. More about the topic you can read on the Port Koper
Dredging is to be completed by the end of August this year.

Adria kombi,

Rail transport between Koper and Postojna is completely stopped PDF Yazdır e-Posta
operativa Adria Kombi tarafından yazıldı   
Perşembe, 17 Temmuz 2014 17:01
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We received information from Slovenian railways that rail transport between Koper and Postojna is completelly stopped due to damaged optical cabel.
It is expected that traffic will re-start today at 22:00.
Due to stopped traffic we expect delays for all trains travelling to and from Koper in upcoming days.

Bes regards,

Adria Kombi,


Railroad maintenance work between Kremsmünster and Kirchdorf PDF Yazdır e-Posta
Matej Friedl tarafından yazıldı   
Perşembe, 17 Temmuz 2014 14:03
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Dear clients,

we would like to inform you that from 23.08.2014 till 02.09.2014 there will be some traffick disturbance on the RO-LA route betwenn Maribor and Wels and v.v.

The following trains will be using an alternative route so there will be some delays at train departures and arrivals:

Maribor – Wels:

41400 – 23.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Arrival to Wels at 13:15h [+105min])

41402 – 25.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Arrival to Wels at 17:45h [+190min])

41404 – 30.08.2014 (Arrival to Wels at 21:30h [+60min])

41406 – 23.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Arrival to Wels at 23:45h [+105min])

41408 – 24.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Arrival to Wels at  05:45h [+75min])

Wels – Maribor:

41401 – 25.08.2014 till 02.09.2014 (Arrival to Maribor at 10:15h [+120min])

41403 – 30.08.2014 (Arrival to Maribor at 14:15h [+120min])

41405 – 23.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Arrival to Maribor at 21:35h[+240min])

41407 – 23.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Departure from Wels at 17:46h [-22min]; Arrival to Maribor at 02:50h [+130min])

41409 – 24.08.2014 till 01.09.2014 (Departure from Wels at 21:18h [+10min])

The following trains will be canceled:

Maribor – Wels:

41404 – 23.08.2014

Wels - Maribor:

41405 – 02.09.2014

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

10 Anniversary of the Cesar system PDF Yazdır e-Posta
operativa Adria Kombi tarafından yazıldı   
Pazartesi, 07 Temmuz 2014 12:10
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We are pleased to inform you about 10 anniversary of the Cesar system. Interface takes care of information flow from intermodal operators to their customers, and it extremely facilitated notification about status of shipments. We hope that the system will continue to introduce the latest guidelines in informing all participants in unaccompanied combined transport.

You can read more:


Adria kombi, operations


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Combined transport - a right decision?

yourlogoCombined transport is gaining focus as the European Highways are geting congested. The volumes growth of Adria kombi, together with ist partners shows that the future of CT is secure. Investments in Intermodal equipment are going to become wise decisions.

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