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Rolling motorway


Mask type FFP2 in public transport
On 25.01.2021, a law comes into force requiring the wearing of a protective mask type FFP2 in public transport. A driver without a required mask will not be allowed to transport by RoLa train. more

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Adria kombi in collaboration with RCO Austria, is offering product ROLA. The rolling motorway is a form of combined transport, which involves carriage of complete trucks, truck tractors with trailers and trucks with semitrailers. We also use the term accompanied transport fort his service. Drivers drive their vehicles onto freiight wagons and then accompany them on the same train in a special passenger wagon. This type of transport is connecting Maribor and Wels with several pairs of train per day.

The main advantages:

  • Drivers can rest during rail journey
  • Restaurant service on board
  • No permits for Slovenia and Austria needed
  • Road transport allowed even during holidays and Sundays
  • No delays in Train Operation

Price List

Valid from 1.1.2022 till 31.12.2022

One-way ticket - including max. 2 drivers
€ 480,00 / trip (+22% DDV = € 585,60)
Return ticket - including max. 2 drivers
€ 900,00 / trip (+22% DDV = € 1.098,00)
Discount for roundtrips - within 30 days
€ 30,00 / trip
Surcharge - ADR goods on board
€ 20,00 / trip (+22% DDV = € 24,40)
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