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28.01.2022 15:39

Official information of Port Koper and Slovenian Railways about current situation 28.1.2022

Dear partners,   The operational situation in the area of the Port of Koper and the Slovenian railway network is very difficult and has caused a domino effect (delay of trains on loading or unloading, problems due to delayed train paths, not takin... Fazla
26.01.2022 15:20

Maintenance of cranes at terminal Bilk

Dear Partners,   Hereby we inform you, that due to electrical track repairs of the terminal cranes from 08:00- a.m. till 12:00 a.m. on 28 January 2022 all road and rail related service by crane will be suspended. Containers positioned underneath t... Fazla
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17.12.2021 12:40

Zero-Carbon Combined Transport

No need for scientific Breakthroughs. Zero-Carbon Transport possible today! Fazla
22.12.2020 14:52

High Voltage warning sign EZ

Dear partners, We would like to inform you that the extended provision of the GCU came into force on 1.1.2021 (Appendix 11, item 8.1.). The railways have informed us that they will inspect very strictly wagons loaded with tank-containers or bulk c... Fazla
10.06.2020 14:44

Information on the electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes, Adria Kombi

Adria kombi is introducing electronic receipt of invoices and credit notes Fazla
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