Information on the electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes, Adria Kombi

10.06.2020 14:44

Adria kombi is introducing electronic receipt of invoices and credit notes

Dear partners,

Invoices and credit notes are accepted at the e-mail address:

It is necessary to take into account the following:
- A separate email along with other attachments must be sent for each invoice or credit note
- invoices, credit notes and attachments must be exclusively in PDF format
- all attachments to the invoice or credit notes must be contained in the same e-mail (specifications, CMRs,…)
- only unencrypted PDF files will be accepted
- files in e-mail must not contain special characters (eg ü, č, š, ž, Ł, ...)
- maximum allowed file size is 10 mb
- original invoice or credit note sent electronically to; do not send in paper form.

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us on
Thank you for your understanding.
Adria Kombi d.o.o.

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