High Voltage warning sign EZ

22.12.2020 14:52

Dear partners,

We would like to inform you that the extended provision of the GCU came into force on 1.1.2021 (Appendix 11, item 8.1.). The railways have informed us that they will inspect very strictly wagons loaded with tank-containers or bulk containers equipped with ladders for access to the upper openings, in accordance with the provisions of the GCU, Annex 11, ch.8.1, and in the case of defective, damaged, incorrect or missing high voltage markings on the container, exclude the wagon from the train.

The costs of installing temporary markings and the costs of exclusion of the wagon will be charged to the customer.

Contracting authorities are urged to check the high voltage hazard warning signs before handing over the containers at the railway container terminals. This applies to all intermodal transport units that have ladders installed to climb to the top of the container, whether dangerous goods, non-dangerous goods or an empty container are being transported.

Adria Kombi, operations

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